Abell-Hanger Foundation

112 Corporate Drive, Midland, TX 79705          432.684.6655          Mark Palmer, Executive Director

Beginning April 15th, Abell-Hanger Foundation will only accept applications submitted through our online process.  If you would like to help us with Beta testing, go to www.abell-hanger.org/applicants.org.

The Abell-Hanger Foundation was created by Mr. and Mrs. Abell to carry on the philanthropic endeavors which they pursued during their lifetimes.  Speaking of business success, George Abell once said, "Sure men like to be successful, not just for the money, but because of what one can do for his community, his county, and for mankind.  Business success provides the opportunity to do some of the things most of us dream about doing for our community and its various institutions, organizations, and agencies".